Rocket Plumbing provides residential drainage services which, although sounds intimidating, also includes clogged kitchen sinks.

If your sink is now clogged, does not drain, the last thing you want to do in your home is for it to get worst. You could try to repair the clogged drain yourself. We do not recommend liquid drain cleaners as they will oxidise the pipes and damage the pipes and connections. If it looks like out of your domain of expertise, no problem.

This is where Rocket Plumbing comes in to save the day and allows you to have your kitchen sink drain cleared of all obstructions. We use the best high-tech equipment that helps ups stay clean, out of your way, and tidy as possible.

When you really want to get rid of this frustrating clog in the kitchen sink, you can call Rocket Plumbing.

Sometimes the clogging of kitchen sing drains are triggered by objects stuck in the pipe. Sometimes its the garbage disposal needs to be repaired.

A clogged drain system can lead to further water leak problems, like a burst pipe, and further damage to your home and property. The saving grace of the clogged Kitchen Sink is it is so central to daily living, it’s a clog that can’t be procrastinated on. If you have a problem with a water leak and you see any of the symptoms, call a drain cleaning professional.

So if you’re looking for an effective drain clearing solution for a blocked up kitchen sink, take a look at our comprehensive list of drain opening and cleaning services.

Our professional plumbing techs will inspect the attached pipes to your kitchen sink with a camera to examine the inside of the pipe to determine its structural integrity. They will make sure it is clean and in good condition, and we will see that you are satisfied with the work done.

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