Sluggish, completely clogged kitchen Sinks, and clogged drains in general, are no fun!

You need a reliable affordable plumber to fix it for you. Just because your kitchen sink is not draining does not mean it’s a major expensive repair. Give Rocket Plumbing a call, and ask our team member how to proceed. Sometimes we can walk you through a quick repair without making a trip.

Understand how the problem started… substances such as grease, detergent and food material form and adhere to the inside of the pipe over time. When it comes to your drain pipes in your Chicago kitchen’s plumbing, we will not treat it lightly. Every customer matters, no matter their plumbing problem.

We are trained experts, ready to assess and resolve kitchen sink and downstream drain problems.

One symptom: If your dishwasher starts making unusual noises, along with unusual gurgling noises from the drain, this is a sign that water is trying to break through a blockage. Clogs will not always be in the kitchen sink, but that’s a great place to notice a clogged drain taking place. By the time you see stagnant water in a drain, you know it’s time to call.

Rocket Plumbing provides the comprehensive repair services needed to restore the integrity and safety of our Kitchen’s plumbing system. If your Kitchen Sink is clogged, we are ready.

It’s not rocket science, it’s Rocket Plumbing.

If you would rather contact us thru email, feel free to contact us through our Contact Page here. We check our email constantly, we will respond!

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