At Rocket Plumbing Service, we offer free home ‘plumbing’ inspections.

We cover all aspects of the home plumbing system.

Professional inspections have a few major benefits compared to attempting to perform them yourself. You can count not only on your Rocket Plumbing plumber’s experience and expertise if they do find something amiss, but also have them worry about the things you probably don’t want to deal with.

For many homeowners, the parts they are happy to pass off include things like checking pipes under the house or dealing with annoying toilet flappers and slow-draining sinks. Or for those who don’t mind the small jobs but aren’t comfortable tackling bigger problems, professional inspections ensure your water heater is tested and flushed regularly, and that your outdoor pipes are properly insulated against winter freezes. Top to bottom, a quality inspection can save quite a headache.

We would also recommend that Chicago residents look into the City of Chicago’s Private Drain Program.