Hydro Jetting Service in Los Angeles CA

Hydro Jetting Benefits Explainer Video

Most plumbing companies are still using old technology like Rootering and Snaking for their customers’ Drain Cleaning services.


At Rocket Plumbing, we seek out innovative technology that gives our plumbing technicians the very best results for our customers. Watch the video above to see one of the newest technologies we use that cleans a sewer drain line so thoroughly, you have to see it to believe it.

Clean Out Your Sewer Line More Effectively with Professional Hydro Jetting Service

Maintaining your sewer system is an extremely important task. Most experts recommend cleaning out your sewer line every 18-22 months to avoid clogs and other common issues. If it has been a while since you last serviced your sewer line or if you suspect a backup in your sewer system, it’s time to call in the pros. Rocket Plumbing is one of the only plumbing companies in Los Angeles that owns hydro-jetting machines. Our hydro-jetting technology cleans out your sewer lines better than any of our competition.

What Is Hydro-jetting?

Hydro-jetting utilizes the latest technology to thoroughly clean sewer lines without the mess or potential damage caused by traditional rootering and snaking methods. Hydro-jetting uses high pressure water jets to remove clogs and debris in the sewer line, all while cleaning the line itself to prevent future problems. During the hydro-jetting process, Rocket Plumbing pressure washes your sewer line using the force of 3,000 psi from our hydro-jetting machines. You’ll be amazed at what we find when we jet your lines!

When Is Hydro-jetting Required?

Hydro-jetting is the most effective method for clearing large clogs and backups in sewer lines. At Rocket Plumbing, we have uncovered many interesting items while utilizing our hydro-jetting technology. Hydro-jetting is often required in instances of tree root infiltration, or when traditional snaking methods are ineffective. If you are dealing with debris clogging up your sewer lines, contact Rocket Plumbing to help you fix it fast!

When to Know You Need Hydro-jetting Services

Clogged sewer lines aren’t always obvious until they become major plumbing problems. It is important to be aware of the most common signs of clogs to avoid a catastrophe! Your sewer line might be in need of hydro-jetting services if…

  • Your drains are slow
  • You notice a stench coming from your drains
  • Your plumbing is backing up when you flush the toilet

If you are experiencing any of these signs of sewer line clogs, call Rocket Plumbing right away!

Hydro-jetting As A Preventative Measure

You don’t need to wait for a plumbing problem to take advantage of hydro-jetting services. Many homeowners prefer to schedule hydro-jetting services from Rocket Plumbing as a preventative measure to keep their sewer lines flowing freely. We highly recommend adding hydro-jetting services to your routine home maintenance schedule. Call us today to set an appointment for the most thorough sewer line cleaning around!

How much does hydro jetting cost?

Sight unseen with your specific clogged drain, it’s usually only $695. That not only includes the most thorough cleared pipes that current engineering can provide. Included in this is before and after visual confirmation via our Sewer Inspection camera tools. We will use our sewer camera to look at exactly what the problem is, and even give you other options besides hydro jetting. For instance, some obstructions would be better solved by our Picote machine, or traditional rootering. We want to give you the peace of mind, before and after, knowing our solution is the right one for… whatever it is in the pipe causing you this trouble. Call Rocket Plumbing in Los Angeles today!


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