With harsh winter conditions around the corner, it’s a good idea to prepare now. Back in 2015 we were interviewed by NBC Chicago about simple steps you can take to protect your pipes from freezing and bursting. Pipes can burst as the water in them expands when it turns to ice. Every year we are inundated by this plumbing emergency, some years more than others. It is well worth your while to take a few minutes today to take action on the simple steps in the video to prevent a very possible crisis that could destroy your property and rack up an unnecessary plumbing bill.

NBC Chicago video on protecting pipes in the winter

Here are our suggestions:

Leave the heat on.
Keep the thermostat consistent.
Run a trickle of water.
Open cabinet doors below sinks.
Be sure the heating vents are open.
Close crawl space vents.
Remove hoses from outside faucets.
If gone, have someone check.
Locate the water shutoff BEFORE you need it.
Consider renters insurance.

And add a good plumber to your mobile phone.  Rocket Plumbing’s number is (773) 219-1200. We will help you with any plumbing problem that cold weather can throw at you.