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Storm drain cleaning is a major need in Chicago. Here’s why…

Did you know Illinois’ has been experiencing record breaking rainfall? More about this below. If you ever notice flooding in your driveways and parking lots during or after a rainstorm, it’s possible you have clogged storm drains.

We see these every major rain storm.

What Occurs Is…

…the backup of normal every day debris (roots, leaves, rocks, gravel, dirt, clay, rags, sand) eventually causes the storm drain to stop draining properly. If you’re in North Chicago, IL needing the best storm drain cleaning service, catch basin cleaning, or other rodding or hydro jetting services, contact the experts at Rocket Plumbing immediately by dialing (773) 219-1200!

We know you have a few options when it comes to sewer drain cleaning contractors in North Chicago, IL, but our professional plumbers work hard to distinguish Rocket Plumbing from the rest (See our customer reviews). We apply our cutting edge sewer cleaning services on all types of properties, both residential and commercial, our licensed plumbers can provide any drain-related service you need, including:

  • Catch basin cleaning
  • Hydro jetting
  • Storm drain rodding
  • Vacuum pumping
  • Picote Root Clearing

Roots in pipes are a constant problem in all Chicago suburbs

Prevent Future Sewer & Drain Line Repairs With Our
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Good News!

Brian McMahon, Proprietor Rocket Plumbing in ChicagoIt does not matter to us if you are a homeowner or a property manager of a massive office space, our professional plumbers diagnose sewer line and storm drain problems with the same appropriate technical know-how. We charge fair pricing for excellent service and long term solutions. We offer free estimates, use digital sewer cameras before and after, and always explain the repair thoroughly.

The unusual bad news…

The city of Chicago is currently going through growing pains as it’s sewer systems are having challenges meeting unexpected record rainfall this decade.  We can verify this, as we see more flooded backyards now than we ever did many years ago. 

We are here to help our customers meet the these same challenges of more rainfall than even most hurricane areas get, (yes, really!) and the constant concerns of mechanical wear and tear.


FREE Sewer Camera Inspection with Drain Cleaning
PLUS $49.00 OFF

Click Here For Details

Handiwipes that caused a blockage, pulled out of a drain

For years, our motto has been “We actually pick up when you call!”, so if you’re seeing unusually high flooding in the grassy areas around your property during or after a rainstorm, your storm drain could be overflowing or your sewer lines backflowing, go ahead and give us a call to get rocket-fast repairs from professional plumbers.

Plumbing problems like backed up sewer drains or storm drains
can result in extensive flooding damage and painful costly repairs

To prevent such a headache like clogged storm drains and catch basins…

It’s important to have regular maintenance performed by a competent plumber like a qualified Rocket Plumbing sewer and drain specialist.

All of Rocket Plumbing’s Chicago plumbers are certified, experienced, and trained to handle any drain cleaning project, from unclogging the main sewer line with our Hydro Jet, to tackling an outside sewer line cleanout of Roots, Corrosion, or Rust with our new Picote Milling machine (See below).

Looking for a “storm drain cleaning company near me” in Chicago? Reach Rocket Plumbing at (773) 219 1200 to schedule drain and sewer cleaning service.

Call Rocket Plumbing First. Why? Your Flooding Might Be Something
Other Than A Storm Drain Clog.

We’ll help you get an accurate assessment!

We can have one of our many licensed and professional plumbers right over to your plumbing emergency, in any of our service areas. We know how an urgent situation can occasionally be mitigated with simple solutions that don’t require plumbing contractors.

Shoot us a call, if it’s the case, we have many years of experience of walking customers thru ways to avoid a minor plumbing repair. If you do so, use your mobile phone’s camera and take a few pics of the problems from different angles. We do this all the time, works great.

When you call us to find out about our storm drain cleaning services, if it is something that requires the attention of a professional plumbing company, we’ll have one of our plumbers in a fully stocked Rocket Plumbing service truck on our staff out to your property ASAP.

So if a rainstorm has you concerned about flooding, call us about storm drain cleaning in Chicago, IL, or possibly may need one of our sewer cleaning services, don’t hesitate to give Rocket Plumbing a call. We’ll be upfront with you, let you know what you really need, and how much it’ll cost before we start any work. Dial or tap to call (773) 219-1200 to get your repair underway now!

Frequently Asked Questions About
Storm Drain Cleaning

Q: “Do I need to be concerned about Storm Drain backups and clogs?”

A: Unfortunately for Chicago residents, our sewer systems in certain spots of the city have structural issues our City government is wrestling with. Chicago has experienced Hurricane area levels of rainfall in recent years, and our sewer systems understandably were not built for such capacity.  That means we all have to take a closer look at systems attached to our business’s or homes.

Restaurants and other food producing industry related business’s tend to backup their drain systems much more than others, and are particularly vulnerable to a storm drain backup.

Unfortunately, clogged storm drains can affect neighbors, and create flooding after rainstorms.  Rocket Plumbing recommends if your building is near a food-service business, keep an eye on your own property for potential flooding issues.

Q: “Are sewers and storm drains the same thing?”

A: In other parts of the country, they are two separate independent collection systems. In Chicago, it’s a yes and no situation, due to how flat the Chicago landscape is. Storm water systems carry rainwater back into river systems. Chicago’s flat topography has presented engineers with the problem of moving excess water around without the benefit of natural land height.

Normally not a problem.

However, our historic unprecedented rainfall over the past few years often affects the height of the water table during rainstorms. In many areas of Chicago, this rise in the water table exceeds the storm drainage systems. If you suspect your home or business is at risk, give us a call!

Q: “Doesn’t the City handle the Storm Drains, why would I call a plumber?”

A: They handle the major municipal connections to your home or business. Those who have larger property lines will take in more water into their storm drains as water tables rise. While we leave the municipal and public drains to the City, we can handle all storm drainage pipes inside your property line, which includes:
exterior floor drain and area drains
catch basins
patio drains
sump pump basins
and all residential drain tile systems

Q: “How do you clear a blocked storm drain?”

A: Normally, we use our Hydro Jet machine for most clogged drains.  It is a special tool that shoots water at a high pressure thru carefully selected designed nozzles appropriate for the blockage.  With tougher blockage material like roots, leaves, rocks, gravel, dirt, clay, rags, sand, and yes… critters.  We use our picote machine.

Q: “How much does Storm Drain Cleaning cost?”

A: Standard drain cleaning fees apply. In fact, check out our coupon to save.

Q: “My window well branch drain got clogged, from the storm drain clog, what now?”

A: The basin area needs to be cleared, and cleaned out. Feel free to call us about how it’s done.

After our maintenance is done on any storm drain cleaning, in order to reduce the risk of future flooding, we strongly recommend installing an extended channel drain.

Call us and ask us about it!

Amazing clean out technology to help prevent sewer back up at your home! 🏡 Ask how we can save you!

Call us and ask us about it!

In this video, our Service Truck pulls our Hydro Jet on it’s way to a professional drain cleaning project

If you would rather contact us thru email, feel free to contact us through our Contact Page here. We check our email constantly, we will respond!

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