Rocket Plumbing in Chicago is proud to announce new improvements to our operations.

We have new trucks for our plumbers!

Take a look at our new trucks and our new branding.  We have always taken pride in the Rocket Plumbing brand, our logo, and how we present our plumbing service.   Pictured below are our new trucks.


We have received  Angie’s List’s 2017 service award!

This award is earned by outstanding service and as a result of the feedback from our Angie’s List customers.  Our obsession with keeping our customers’ plumbing in tip top shape has paid off in long term customers that we want to help for many years to come.

Rocket Plumbing Now

Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 219-1200

Rocket Plumbing’s Same day plumbing Service for both Residential and commercial service plumbing comes with a smile. Excellent customer service is our top of mind goal, we only employ punctual plumbers, we provide written warranties, and never compromise on our friendly service.

We are proud to announce that we are Chicago’s Best Hydro Jet Service.

What is a Hydro Jet?

How does it clean the very worst of the worst clogged pipes?

What is the science behind how it works?

Why are it’s benefits so long lasting and therefore cheaper in the long run? Watch our explainer video right here:  Chicago Hydro Jet Service

The Best Plumber In Chicago Should Have The Best Plumber Coupon, Don’t You Think?

Check out our brand new Coupon process that makes it easier than ever to save on your next Plumbing Emergency!