The ever changing Home Improvement industry depends on constant innovation… and that usually means better products to install in your home or office.  Let’s see what’s new!

  1. Chicago Faucets has introduces the 420-T Series faucets. They are not only durable, but also save water with what they call “TempShield scald protection”. The intended result is an efficient restroom faucet that complies with ASSE 1070 requirements. It looks to be a very streamlined install, not needing a separate thermostatic mixing valve below the sink. Why? The 420-T already comes with scalding protection built into it. Pretty nice. (Yes, scalding can be a problem with faucets, as innovations in tankless water heaters can deliver on demand VERY hot water.)
  2. Kohler has introduced a new Shower head with a beautiful aesthetic… the Real Rain Overhead Showering Panel.  It simulates rainfall, instead of pushing the water out thru a narrow shower head.  See the video at the bottom of the post.  Looks quite nice.
  3. Speaking of Tankless Water Heaters… have you wondered what the major differences are?  Rheem, a manufacturing and design leader in the industry, has a handy Tankless vs NonTankless water heater comparison page.  Check it out!


As always, Rocket Plumbing here in North Chicago is ready to install all of these products in your home or office.  If you took your best shot at being the Handyman around your home, and have bitten off more than you can chew, let us pick up the pieces for you!  It happens all the time, and we are happy to help!