Grease Trap Frequently Asked Questions (Click the link to watch the video)

Checked your Grease Trap lately?

The grease trap is a critical choke point on your outbound sewage system to your building. A backed up system here affects the rest of the productivity on your business. For businesses like restaurants, the odor alone could turn away customers permanently.
Failure to clean your trap can end up harming your organization’s productivity with future downstream repairs as well that could need the aid of a Hydro Jet cleaning service.

Q: What are Grease Traps?

A: Their purpose is to reduce the amount of fats, oils and greases (FOG’s) that enter the main sewers. They are engineered and designed boxes within the drain run that flows between the sinks in a kitchen to the often foul smelling sewer system. They can be made from different materials:
– Plastics
– Concrete
– Cast Iron
– Stainless Steel

They only have waste water flowing through them and are not served by any other drainage system such as toilets.

Q: What happens to the grease?

A: The trapped grease is stored in the trap until it is cleaned out.

Q: Do I need a Grease Trap?

A: Most Local Authorities require a system to prevent grease and fat from flowing into the main sewerage system.


For Restaurants especially, a neglected Grease Trap can fill a building with awful odors that will:
– Shut your business down for a day or more
– Turn off customers, maybe forever
– Create even more expensive repairs downstream of the Grease Trap

Q: How does a Grease Trap work?

A: It slows down the flow of hot greasy water and allowing the grease to cool as it cools, the fat, oil and grease separate and float to the top of the Grease Trap

Q: How Often Should They Be Checked?

A: Usually every 6 to 12 months (Depends on the model)

Q: What are the signs that your grease trap needs cleaning?

– An increase of roaches & centipedes around your drains
– When your Grease Trap becomes too full it can overflow or backup in your sink
– You hear bubbling sounds from the drain
– You notice the sink at your home or restaurant are having trouble draining
– And/or a nasty odor coming from your drains

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