This past week here in Chicago we had temperatures in the -40s.  Now, that’s not news to our Chicago readers, hey… you lived it!  Here at Rocket Plumbing headquarters in early January, we tried to get the word out to our customers about how to prevent the kind of repairs that need a lot of money to pay an emergency plumber to fix.  We put out the word through our weekly email directing everyone to our page: Preventing Frozen Pipes BEFORE Freezes In Chicago about a particularly effective tip to dodge a frozen or even worse, burst pipes.

Our own Brian McMahon grabbed the attention of Today Show reporter Miguel Almaguer and was included in his story for Today Show about how we here in Chicago can brace up for the worst this new Polar Vortex would throw at us.




Unfortunately for people that are not Rocket Plumbing customers, they probably did not get the word before the Freeze about these money saving tips.  And our inbound phone calls show it.  We are as busy as we may have ever been in our 6 years of being in the plumbing services business here in Chicago, running our 3 Piping machines out to homes with burst and frozen pipes.  Here is a sample video of a Burst Pipe in a residential home so you can see the scope of the property damage a burst and leaking pipe can do.  Poor water quality, warped and stained walls, invasive black mold, and flooding are the major repercussions of a burst pipe.

And just because your home has avoided a burst pipe so far, does not mean you are safe yet.  Bear in mind, when warmer temps arrive again, the expansion of your pipes by going from Cold to Warm, could cause leaks around the joints.  We also have tips on Thawing Your Pipes at our Prevent Frozen Pipes page.

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