Chicago Residents: WARNING


5 Things You Can Do Now To Avoid An Expensive Nightmare Frozen Pipe Repair

We at Rocket Plumbing are issuing a Frozen Pipe Alert for the upcoming cold temperatures! Last year many of our customers experienced lots of frozen pipe disasters which unfortunately resulted in thousands of dollars spent in disaster repair and lots of time spent working with insurance companies.  At this time we feel it’s necessary to offer you a courteous to offer you a friendly reminder to be sure to beware of the possible disasters that could happen in the upcoming days.

For starters, we suggest that you turn off any water supply to any external water supply especially your outside hose spigot which has the highest chance of freezing and bursting once the temperatures drop. 

Also, please make sure to detach your garden hose from your hose spigot because the ice that forms inside the hose can freeze through to the spigot and make its way inside the pipe and burst the pipe causing major damage.  If you haven’t done this yet, please do so immediately! 

Next, please make sure you have shut off any water shut off valves that lead to any exterior water supply fixtures that lead out from your home or building.  This includes hose spigot supply lines, outside water irrigation systems, outside showers and any other water supplied plumbing that you might have. 

Be sure to insulate any exposed pipes which might be located in your basement, crawlspace, underneath stairs, common hallways, etc… You must wrap and protect any exposed pipping with pipe insulation or heat tape in order to prevent pipe bursts.

Lastly, make sure that any pipes that might be exposed in a ‘common area’ of your home or in your building have ample heat provided for that area. These areas include, crawlspaces, underneath stairs, laundry rooms, storage rooms, water meter rooms and screen rooms.

Ample heat includes heat ducts, space heaters, heat tape on pipes and/or electric heaters for that area.  This will help provide ample heat for the dead space areas where heat typically doesn’t make it too. This will help pipes from bursting and creating a mess!