If properly functioning, catch basins are the time-tested solution to the problem of rainwater runoff.

Having a high-quality catch basin in Chicago is as important as ever.

Excessive rain and congested systems have been a constant problem here in Chicago.

Catch Basins are an important structure in your plumbing system that helps keep your basement from flooding. Landscapes that drain poorly can also cause problems inside the house — particularly Chicago basements. Downspout water that doesn’t drain away from your home’s foundation could easily flood the basement.

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Here is another practical question you can ask yourself… is your driveway sloping away from your home?

Flooded basements can also happen if your driveway doesn’t slope away from your home, causing water to flow into the home, instead of flowing away from the building.

A catch basin that has deteriorated or is blocked, can create very expensive water damage.

Another common cause of catch basins not functioning would be tree roots moving pipe attachments, or breaking into the pipes themselves.

Rocket Plumbing’s Drain Cleaning service approaches clearing tree roots with a new revolutionary tool that leaves no roots behind. This same tool can clean the interior of the pipes, making them like new.

That means less surface to snag material coming down the pipe. Fewer repairs. This is a long term solution that prevents expensive repairs.  You can search in Google for ‘Plumber Chicago’ to find Rocket Plumbing.