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This location of Rocket Plumbing & Drain Cleaning serves the DuPage County area, nestled right between Naperville and Lisle for convenient highway access. You can see our bright red service trucks cruising to our next plumbing repair projects. Give us a wave, and say hi!

Did You Know…

Many of the Villages and Townships in DuPage County, like Naperville and Downer’s Grove are making it easier to tackle a state wide problem. We here at Rocket Plumbing have shared the reporting about record rainfall the last decade stressing out already outmoded sewer systems in Illinois. If the sewer connections attached to your home need repair, many of the townships and villages will offer a rebate or reimbursement on certain common sewer repairs. As experts in this area, we can vouch that this very problem is creating backflow problems all over DuPage and Cook county.

Local Plumbers Naperville

Almost every Naperville homeowner or commercial property owner will experience a plumbing emergency at some point in their lives. Call the Pros the Pros call your Local Plumbers Naperville

Do you live in a township or village that offers such sewer repair rebates or reimbursement programs?

Great question. We did some of the investigative work for you. Head over to our various rebate pages to find out if your in an area where you can get some of any backflow problems solved. Our own research at various city halls turned up programs for Flood Control, Overhead Sewer Upgrades, Check Valve system installations, and more.

Give us a call, we can walk you through it, as well as have our Sewer Cameras look for any of these sewer connection problems that Illinois needs upgraded. We have been big advocates of getting visual verification for what we are looking at in pipes for years, and it comes in especially handy for these programs.

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