What can Roots, Rust, and

Corrosion be doing to your pipes right now?

Problem #1 Homes and Businesses with trees on the property can be susceptible to a major cause of clogged drain systems…


As root systems grow and spread out, they seek the most direct path to water and moisture.  That can be into your drainage system.  This has always been a very difficult problem for plumbers to solve to a 100% open and clear line.

Until now.

Problem #2 As metallic surfaces, like parts of any drainage system, come into contact with moisture, rusting and corrosion naturally set in. As these issues progress, the pipe weakens and eventually needs to be replaced due to advanced deterioration or failure.  That’s always been a problem that we chalk up to the natural state of entropy… the inevitable wear and tear on a system with water flowing through it.

Until now.

See below how our new drain cleaning tool solves both of these expensive repair dilemmas.


New Revolutionary Drain Cleaning Technology Most Plumbing Companies Don’t Even Know About…

To Get The Right Results...

Rocket Plumbing Will Use The Right Tool

Our New Drain Cleaning And Maintenance Tools And Your Pipes?

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