Plumbing Maintenance Is Cheaper Than Disaster Repairs

Handiwipes that caused a blockage, pulled out of a drain

Sewers are extremely important components of modern living that help keep where you live safe from flooding and prevent the spread of water-borne diseases. The building sewer is the general term that refers to the piping/conduits that connect the wastewater sources of a building to the municipal sewer system for treatment or disposal. It’s typically used to describe the sewer piping in public buildings, commercial establishments, homes, and industrial structures/plants.

How To Identify Common Types of Building Sewer Pipes

Cast Iron Pipes: Fire-resistant material for sanitary drainage because it’s quiet when water is whooshing through—ideal for apartments or multi-family buildings. Although expensive for a short lifespan of 25-35 years, it will not burn in the event of a fire.

Vitrified Clay Pipes: Found in historic homes and buildings, dating back to ancient times. Clay pipes are strong and are chemical resistant, making them durable for sanitary drainage. However, clay is porous and susceptible to tree root intrusion.

PVC Piping: Installed in mass quantities since 1970 as a cost-effective alternative to cast iron. PVC is not fire-resistant and because of noisy water sounds, it is not of great use in multi-family buildings. PVC is also not as strong as cast iron piping.

3 Plumbing Maintenance Tips That Will Keep Your Multi-Family Housing In Top Shape

1. Video Scope For Pipe Cracks or Channeling

Sewer repair or pipe replacement is a major undertaking for multi-family buildings, so it’s wise to get your plumbing system inspected on a regular basis. Video scoping well in advance will allow you to provide a temporary fix to any early leaks that may cause major problems down the road.

2. Check For Sewer Leaks

If you notice unusual smells or unexplained standing water, inspect your plumbing for sewage trouble that can drive up your costs and have the potential to put your resident’s health at risk. Often hidden, sewer leaks are difficult to notice until a sobering event occurs, such as sewage backup.

3. Regular Plumbing Maintenance

A kitchen sink can get clogged in a residential building as well as a multi-family unit. The difference is that now the plumbing problem may not affect just one resident. A clogged sink on one floor could affect multiple units in an apartment or multi-family building because of standard intertwined piping, causing bigger problems for the entire building.

Contacting a professional plumbing team in your area for regular plumbing maintenance will be a wise investment. Your trusted plumbing team will not allow you to go at this alone. You need a plumbing plan in place. Call Rocket Plumbing & Drain Cleaning


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