Catch Basin Drain Cleaning in Chicago IL

If properly functioning, catch basins are the time-tested solution to the problem of rainwater runoff. Having a high-quality catch basin in Chicago is as important as ever. Excessive rain and congested systems have been a constant problem here in Chicago. Catch Basins are an important structure in your plumbing system that helps keep your basement from flooding. Landscapes that drain poorly can also cause problems inside the house — particularly Chicago basements. Downspout water that doesn’t drain away from your home’s foundation could easily flood the basement. Call Rocket Plumbing for Storm Drain Cleaning Service. Here is another practical question you can ask yourself… is your driveway sloping away from your home? Flooded basements can also happen if your driveway doesn’t slope away from your home, causing water to flow into the home, instead of flowing away from the building. A catch basin that has deteriorated or is blocked, can create very expensive water damage. Another common cause of catch basins not functioning would be tree roots moving pipe attachments, or breaking into the pipes themselves. Rocket Plumbing’s Drain Cleaning service approaches clearing tree roots with a new revolutionary tool that leaves no roots behind. This same tool can clean READ MORE

Clogged Sewer Repair Services in Chicago, Il

Whether your sewage problems are large or small, there’s only one Chicago plumbing company you need to know about. It’s not rocket science, it’s Rocket Plumbing Drain Cleaning Service! If your sewer drain is clogged, you will notice that the water rises and sometimes even overflows. Call us or contact us to find out why we are the company your neighbors have trusted for the most innovative clogged sewer repair services. Our professionally trained drain cleaning experts are ready to help you get your home or commercial plumbing system back up and running. Chicago’s decade long rainstorm trends have been stressing Chicago drainage systems. The more water that flows thru them, the more wear and tear, the more opportunity for material to flow through them and snag. Storm drain cleaning has been a rising need because of these historic rainstorm trends. If your plumbing is behaving strangely, this may be a sign that your main sewer has developed a problem. If you hear a bubbling sound as you run water through your plumbing system, there may be a blockage that forms in your drain pipe. And when water accumulates in the drain, the “pooling water” can be another sign that READ MORE

Happy Memorial Day 2020 From Rocket Plumbing

Thank you to our veterans on this Memorial Day, 2020 for proving sacrifices and adversity build greater futures. This beautiful image was found on Pinterest here and we want to give credit where credit is due. May all our Chicago customers have a peaceful gratitude filled Memorial day. NOTE: We will be closing at 2p.m. today, despite our Google My Business saying otherwise. Understandably due to COVID19 concerns, updates there are slow to be implemented at Google HQ. Stay positive, Chicago. This Post Originally Appeared Here:

Our 450th Plumber Review Was About Our Drain Cleaning Service

Our new Drain Cleaning technology is solving problems other plumbers can’t!Brian McMahon:”Since I made the call to move our shop over to a superior drain cleaning technology, we have been able to solve annual, seemingly unstoppable, drain blocking problems for our customers.  Many Chicago residents deal annually with a blockage created by roots growing into a home’s sewer drain pipes.For example, we  see roots create the need for multiple drain cleaning rootering calls to the homeowner year after year.  That adds up. OUR solution safely removes those roots, and even cleans the inside surface of the pipe…Extending the life of the pipe by removing surface rust and such material clinging to inside of the pipe, and remove the roots… a process that also adds the benefit that you will need fewer plumber bills with the problem gone… that just saves the homeowner money.  The more often a home or business owner needs to call a plumber out for a recurring roots-in-pipes problem, gives them an idea of the savings with this dramatically more thorough solution.  Our recent review by our 450th customer just happened to be about this common sense, money saving solution to a problem every Chicago suburb home READ MORE

What NOT To Flush Down Our Chicago Toilets?

Mommies Often Ask Us… Can I Flush This Down My Toilet?The other day a valued customer asked me”Can I flush feminine products and all the handiwipes my kids go through down my toilet?”When it comes to protecting your home’s plumbing system, this is a great question. After all, everything our plumbing systems do for us, day in and day out, happens out of sight.  Most people never see what the inside of their home’s pipes look like. And with freezing weather always around the corner here in Chicago, Pipes our ‘top-of-mind’ here at Rocket Plumbing HQ, we have already been advising our customers on preventing frozen and burst pipes.  So for your benefit, I’ll also share my answer, earned from many years of clearing pipes, here:1) Baby Wipes: They do not flush or drain the way standard toilet paper does. Baby wipes are heavy and tend to ‘glob’ together inside your drain creating whats call ‘soft blockage’ which can only be flushed out of your drain performing ‘Hydro Jetting’. Whats even more deceiving is that they build up over a period of time until your drain eventually backs up creating an emergency that can end up being and absolute mess!Avoid putting baby wipes down READ MORE

Frozen Pipes In Chicago: How To Prevent A Frozen Pipe Repair

Chicago Residents: WARNINGFROZEN PIPE CONDITIONS ALERT5 Things You Can Do Now To Avoid An Expensive Nightmare Frozen Pipe RepairWe at Rocket Plumbing are issuing a Frozen Pipe Alert for the upcoming cold temperatures! Last year many of our customers experienced lots of frozen pipe disasters which unfortunately resulted in thousands of dollars spent in disaster repair and lots of time spent working with insurance companies.  At this time we feel it’s necessary to offer you a courteous to offer you a friendly reminder to be sure to beware of the possible disasters that could happen in the upcoming days.For starters, we suggest that you turn off any water supply to any external water supply especially your outside hose spigot which has the highest chance of freezing and bursting once the temperatures drop. Also, please make sure to detach your garden hose from your hose spigot because the ice that forms inside the hose can freeze through to the spigot and make its way inside the pipe and burst the pipe causing major damage.  If you haven’t done this yet, please do so immediately! Next, please make sure you have shut off any water shut off valves that lead to any exterior water READ MORE

Roots Be Gone Service Offer For November 2019

Drain Cleaning service that 100% clears Roots growing into pipes with an innovative tool made in Finland. For the month of November (2019), Rocket Plumbing is introducing a new solution to a big problem that most Chicago suburbs deal with every year… Roots growing into the pipes of your home or business, and creating backups in your drains. Until now, the best tools available could only poke holes thru the obstruction. If your plumber has ever told you “sorry, that’s the best we can do with the roots in your pipes”, then we have good news for you. We finally found a precision tool in Finland that safely removes the roots for wall to wall cleaning of the interior pipe.  Full clearing of the blockage, no roots left behind to create yet another new blockage in the near future. We would love to show it off with a video demonstration made right here in Rocket Plumbing HQ. See a video demonstration at  

Chicago Tribune Reports: Lead In Our Water?

The Chicago Tribune reports an alarming story, regarding a dangerous result from “Chicago’s aggressive water meter program”. Apparently, the tap water in homes where the meters were installed by the City have been showing dramatically elevated levels of Lead, which known to cause brain damage and other health complications. Of 510 homes tested since 2017, 22% had elevated lead levels in tap water after a meter installation, Conner said. About 7% saw lead levels spike higher than 15 parts per billion — three times greater than the Food and Drug Administration’s standard for bottled water. Read the whole article by clicking here, as there is MUCH more to dig into there. Proprietor of Rocket Plumbing, Brian McMahon, considered this issue to serious, he thought it important to record a video from an experienced Chicago Plumber’s perspective.More Chicago Media about this issue: