All about Ejector Sump Pumps

Seasonal Warning: All the water that has been coming down on Chicago as snow, will soon melt.

That water will do what water does, and let gravity do it’s thing, and seek the lowest ground.  Unfortunately, for most of our homes in Chicago, that spot is in our basements.

We get call every year from people who have turned their basements into their family entertainment areas full of expensive electronics, or even worse, stored sentimental family items, who have an ejector sump pump fail.

Not all manufactures are alike.  We know some fail frequently, and often because of not enough use.  So after a Freeze, like we just had, they just don’t even turn on, putting a basement at risk.

A quick way to test the Ejector Sump Pump in your Chicago basement

Do a pour test…
Fill a five-gallon bucket with water and pour it slowly around the sump pump. The pump should turn on once the water level reaches a predetermined level below the basement floor. If the pump doesn’t turn on, it may be either clogged, damaged, or in the case of some manufacturers that we no longer recommend, just faulty.  If it doesn’t kick on and your at a loss as to why… don’t sweat it.

Give Rocket Plumbing a call to have your Ejector Sump Pump checked out if it doesn’t come on.  And if you do, don’t forget about our Best Plumber coupon.

Sump pumps are an integral part of your home’s plumbing – protecting your home from flooding during rainstorms and helping your sewer system remove waste. When it comes to sump pumps, we’re the experts. Any home that has a sump pump basin is vulnerable to water damage if you lose power or if there is a failure of the pump. Therefore we offer the top battery backup sump pumps available, to keep you protected, and your home safe with backup systems should there be heavy rains. Should your sump pump or power fail, you don’t want to deal with the headache of your pipes filling up with raw sewage!

Plainly stated, no one should know an ejector pump is in his or her presence. Ejector sump pumps can be heard in every home, some are quieter than others – some have a hum or vibration you hear after a flush. The pump goes on periodically throughout the day. When the pump doesn’t go off trouble’s not far away. Pipes fill up with water and raw sewage can start backing up. Not pretty.

Imagine your basement was unfinished. It had pipes everywhere. The ejector sump pump stood out like a soar thumb. It looked atrocious. Here comes Rocket Plumbing (Emergency Plumber Chicago IL) to the rescue. They evaluate and estimate the situation like no other.

Unbelievable! Immediately they size up the situation and nail the problems down. You got awesome plans for awesome prices. Rocket Plumbing can make any unfinished basement look like a palace. No pipes showing, no unsightly gadgets and very little, if any, sound.

Your Chicago Emergency Plumber can install or fix your ejector sump pump with reasonable pricing and a friendly smile. Always ready to go the extra smile too.

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So, if you need work done with an ejector sump pump, call us. Hesitation can lead to ugly problems.

If you’re looking to camouflage your pump or improve the aesthetics of your basement, pick up the phone and we’ll be there.

Rocket Plumbing Emergency Plumber Chicago team is ready to serve you professionally and with a smile. Our mission is your peace of mind. Rocket Plumbing in Chicago plumbers to the rescue! Always ready, willing and able to get the job done. .

Caution: Because the pumps are responsible for getting rid of excess water and regular waste from your drains and your toilet, don’t get left in a compromising situation by ignoring the need for a properly functioning sump pump in your home.

When it comes to ejector sump pumps, look no further. Regardless of your situation, the licensed plumbing professionals at Rocket Plumbing will help you get your ejector sump pump needs up and running again. You can count on us for the best advice, service and emergency plumbing in the industry.

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