Have You Been Doing A Lot Of This Lately?

We get calls every week that go like this:

“Can you repair my toilet?”  or “Toilet repair or replacement?”

or “This toilet is making weird noises, and clogs really often.  What’s going on?”

or the most frustrated question we’ve ever heard: “Am I throwing good money down the drain with this toilet?”

The Rocket Plumbing answer is: No problem, consider it solved!

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It is a great idea to contact Rocket Plumbing Now, whenever your toilet starts having issues!  No matter if you need service or a brand new toilet installed, we are the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area’s finest plumbing company offering high quality plumbing products and emergency plumbing services. Contact us 24/7 in Chicago at (773) 219-1200!

Toilet repair problems sneak up on us at the most inconvenient of times, so it makes sense to deal with a Plumber you can rely on and who will actually answer the phone when you need him most.


Can I Flush This Down My Toilet?

A Well Maintained Toilet Improves Air Quality?

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Common Toilet Problems

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A Well Maintained Toilet is Vital to Clean Air Quality

Believe it or not, for clean air quality, it is vital to have a well-maintained toilet!  

Protect Your Air Quality

Of the most important types of plumbing repairs requiring a professional plumber is for toilets. When there is a toilet problem, there can possibly be sanitation issues to be concerned about, and that is why it is recommended to have a plumber check it out.

It is because if a toilet is not repaired properly, a small problem may turn into a big problem. Even if there is a problem with the toilet and it is not being used, there is potential health risk if it isn’t looked at and repaired by a plumber. There is a “p-trap,” which will stop the backflow of waste gasses from flowing into the home, and the water located at the bottom acts as the barrier between waste gasses and the air that we breathe.  

For this reason. you don’t want a toilet issue sitting too long before getting in touch with a professional plumber.

For a professional plumber to evaluate your toilet or if you are experiencing another plumbing concern in the Chicagoland area, just give Rocket Plumbing Now a call, and we’ll look over the problem. Contact us at (773) 219-1200, and get your free quote today!

Mommies Often Ask Us… Can I Flush This Down My Toilet?

We are often asked:

“Can I flush feminine products and all the handiwipes
my kids go through down my toilet?”

When it comes to protecting your home’s plumbing system, this is a great question.

After all, everything our plumbing systems do for us, day in and day out, happens out of sight.  Most people never see what the inside of their home’s pipes look like.

And with freezing weather always around the corner here in Chicago, Pipes are ‘top-of-mind’ here at Rocket Plumbing HQ, we have already been advising our customers on preventing frozen and burst pipes.

So for your benefit, I’ll also share my answer, earned from many years of clearing pipes, here:

1) Baby Wipes: They do not flush or drain the way standard toilet paper does. Baby wipes are heavy and tend to ‘glob’ together inside your drain creating whats call ‘soft blockage’ which can only be flushed out of your drain performing ‘Hydro Jetting‘. Whats even more deceiving is that they build up over a period of time until your drain eventually backs up creating an emergency that can end up being and absolute mess!

Avoid putting baby wipes down your drain at all costs!

2) QTips and Cotton Pads: These also do not break down, and if you’ve ever seen cotton pull apart when snagged on a rough service, you can imagine how easy it would be to create a blockage in your pipe system, snagging other debris trying to flow past it.

3) Diapers: As much as it would seem a logical fit to go into your toilet, these also do not biodegrade at all, and are even worse than the previous two on this list.

4) Dental Floss: Also bad. They can turn into a net, trapping anything else coming after it. Toss em with the diapers.

5) Paper Towels: Any mother will tell you paper towels are a godsend around our little ones. But they are of a tougher blend of fibers, and we see them creating blockages all the time. Best to avoid dumping down your toilet.

6) Menstrual Products: Definitely not, and here’s why… they are designed to absorb fluid, not biodegrade in it. You do NOT want to flush a material that expands into your pipes. Toss these in the same place you would diapers.

The Surprising Thing You Should NOT Flush:


If you are a frequent cleaner of your bathroom area with bleach, keep this in mind… bleach is actually too harsh a chemical for your toilet and septic system. I recommend get the stains in your toilet out by using vinegar instead.

Rocket Plumbing has had a major focus on Drain Cleaning this past year, as we have adopted some cutting edge tools that not only clear pipes wall to wall, they even clean the pipe’s surface to prevent snagging material. So if you have tossed these items in your toilet in the past, we can clean those pipes better than any other plumbing company.

If you are looking for home decor upgrades and been eyeing a toilet upgrade, we can not only install that toilet upgrade for you, but check your system with our sewer camera while we are at it, and see how your plumbing system is handling your day to day useage.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 773-219-1200 if you have a question about any of the above.

Common Toilet Problems

  • High Water Pressure. The State of Illinois has plumbing code that must be followed regarding the incoming water pressure in your plumbing system. Why? Higher pressures can damage your plumbing system. Your toilet is the most vulnerable part of this system with it’s usage being high and the intricate mechanics of the fixture. How can you tell it’s high water pressure?  Keep an eye out for toilets that continuously “run” (especially at night), listen for sounds of water internally leaking and even visible leaks coming from your  toilet’s tank.
  • Water Quality. The exposed rubber and plastic components found in your toilet tank can break down from years of use after being submerged in chlorinated water. Obviously, if not managed will ultimately lead to a leak of some sort and a necessary repair. 
  • Reoccurring Clogs.  Are you seeing water rising and spilling over the toilet and onto the floor?  If your plunger visibly appears to have done the job, but the flooding still happens… you have an obstruction that every day tools can’t handle.  Call our plumbers for toiler repair in Chicago before you are confronted with wet socks from standing in a puddle of toilet water on your bathroom floor, again. 

  • Running Toilets. Are tired of hearing your constantly “running” toilet? It’s not just the noise that will annoy you, if you don’t get it stopped.  There are two main factors that cause a toilet to “run.” The most common problem, the tank ball (or flapper) within the toilet may have worn out and no longer seats correctly. The other possibility is the float valve inside the ball cock assembly isn’t shutting off correctly, from corrosion, or wear and tear.

Does a running toilet increase your water bill?

Probably the single most common cause for a high water bill is a continuously running water from your toilet. How bad can it get? 200 gallons a day, easy. Since a typical family’s useage is half that, you can see why a running toilet can double your water bill.  

Maybe What Your Bathroom REALLY NEEDS Is A Toilet Upgrade/New Toilet Installation?

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