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If you have a Water Leak: READ THIS NOW!

Leaks are no joke. Water can cause serious damage to your home, business, and property.
Call Rocket Plumbing Chicago right now and have your leak fixed fast and have it fixed right.

Step 1: Call (773) 219-1200 RIGHT NOW!

Do not delay to schedule an emergency appointment. If you have leaking water simply can’t afford to wait another minute. Call and tell them that:

checkbox ABOUT US You have leaking water

checkbox ABOUT US You are on the site

checkbox ABOUT US You need emergency priority

Step 2: Click here and read about how to shut-off the water to the leak’s source.

This brief article explains in detail how to stop any plumbing emergency “dead in its tracks”. This is the same exact method that licensed plumbers use when dealing with a plumbing emergency themselves.

Step 3: Shut-off any electricity near the drenched area WITH EXTREME CAUTION!!

It should go without saying that water and electricity do not mix! If you feel comfortable with the process then proceed to shut off all electricity to the area. If you are not comfortable with the process, leave the electricity “as is” and stand clear of the area.

Here are some practical tips for DIY leak detection…

  • Check the water bill: A family of four will typically use 12,000 gallons (16 centum cubic feet) per month. Usage in excess of this amount indicates a likely leak. (Your results may vary!)
  • Check toilets: Warn-out flappers are a primary water waster. Listen for toilets that refill between flushes.  Here is a terrific visual tip: Find slow leaks by dropping food coloring in tanks; if the bowl takes color without a flush, you can be sure there’s a leak.
  • Check interior faucets: Drips from sink and tub faucets, and showerheads, are easy to spot, but often ignored. Repair or replace warn parts to curb water-wasting drips. (And lower your water bills!)
  • Look outside: Outside hose or irrigation system leaks are often overlooked. Check for drips and moist ground during dry weather to find preventable leaks.  Some leaks can happen under ground where the pipes to your home travel to the curb.  Look for areas over those pipes to see if the grass grows much faster than surrounding areas of the lawn.
  • Get a digital leak detection system installed: The plumbing industry is being changed by mobile computer technology just as any other industry.  A flow-based leak detection device, such as that offered from will detect leaks as small as a drip per second and automatically shut them off right from your iPad or mobile phone. While the primary function of FloLogic is to prevent property damage, it has the added benefit of flagging hidden leaks to save natural resources and money on water bills. (We are seeing more and more of these projects, and so far, we are very impressed with them!)

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We can repair your leaky faucets, install new fixtures and save you MONEY!

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