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Most plumbing components are designed to last for many years, but normal wear and tear takes its toll.

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Almost every Naperville homeowner or commercial property owner will experience a plumbing emergency at some point in their lives.

Homeowners aren’t always sure when a plumbing problem is truly an emergency, or an extremely manageable quick fix. You can probably wait for the problem to be fixed during normal business hours if you can identify the problem and stop the unwanted flow of water without interrupting the water supply to your entire residential or commercial property.

If you can’t stop the water, smell gas, or have sewage backing up in your home, you should contact a plumber right away.

If you can’t stop the water, smell gas, or have sewage backing up in your home, you should contact a plumber right away.

Rocket Plumbing & Drain Cleaning in Naperville deploys the best technology to find those leaks so that we don’t have to dig up your yard, or tear into walls unnecessarily. We like to use our Smoke Sensor tools, and Sewer Cameras to find leaks.

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At Rocket Plumbing, we deliver solutions to plumbing repairs that extend the life of a home or business’ plumbing systems. We have invested in tools and methods that refurbish and make pipes like new. Read more about it below.

How Long Should A Home’s Plumbing System Last?

Your home’s plumbing should last between 80 and 100 years on average. This long lifespan, combined with the fact that your plumbing is hidden behind walls, means you’ve probably never seen it. So, how do you know if they should be replaced? This guide has been put together to show you some warning signs that it’s time to replace your pipes (and what you should pay for them).

Again, it is determined by the size of your home. A professional Plumber Naperville can change the pipes in a small house in two or three days, but in a larger house, the entire process can take a week (or more) Does this mean you won’t be able to use your sinks, showers, toilets, and so on for a week? No, not always. When a house is re-plumbed, the plumber replaces the old pipes alongside the new ones (in most cases). So, while this is happening, you can continue to use the water from the old pipes. The only time you’ll run out of water is when the Plumber Naperville installs the new system.

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Concerning the Pipes in Your Home Or Office

Not only are old pipes more likely to corrode or leak, but they can also become dangerous. Some older homes, for example, still have lead pipes. These pipes can cause a variety of health issues, so you should replace them as soon as possible (regardless of their “good” condition). Your pipes should also not be making a lot of noise. Something is wrong if they make a loud banging or clanging noise, and you should have a professional Plumber Naperville look at it. Replace your pipes whenever they reach the end of their useful life or when you believe they are no longer safe for your home.

Your pipes should not begin to leak. If they do, it’s usually a good idea to replace your home’s pipes. Pipes that begin to leak are usually old or damaged in some way. To repair a leak, however, you do not need to replace all of your home’s pipes. You can simply patch the leak and move on. Remember that if your pipes have previously leaked, they are likely to leak again soon. As a result, your patches will have little impact in the long run.

Why Choose The Naperville Plumbing Experts At Rocket Plumbing?

Why choose Rocket Plumbing & Drain Cleaning in Naperville? We use smart technology to not only clear blocked drains, but IMPROVE YOUR PIPES’ CONDITION. We take the same approach with other repairs like toilet repair, leak detection, sewer repair and more. Watch the video below for a demo of how we restore corroded and blocked pipes to like new.

Drain Cleaning Plumber

Corroded pipes are weaker than normal pipes, making them more vulnerable to leaks. They can also cause the above-mentioned discoloration, odors, or tastes. Corroded pipes are often difficult to repair (and may not work), so it is best to replace them. Corrosion is distinguished by discoloration, rust stains, small depressions in pipes, and spalling. Of course, if your pipes are hidden behind walls, they can be difficult to detect. However, if you notice these corrosion signs, you should consult with a plumber about having new pipes installed.

Small leaks can still add up. Call Rocket Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Naperville for a free no-hassle quote!

Gaskets are used to create a watertight connection and prevent water leaks between connected pipes. However, due to poor sealing material or age, gaskets wear out over time. As a result of the loosened connection, water begins to leak. In the interconnected areas, inspect the pipe joints for wear. The majority of these leaks occur in areas that are not visible, such as under sinks.

If you notice mold and mildew in these areas, there is most likely a pipe leak.

Replace the gaskets with the help of a professional Naperville Plumber from Rocket Plumbing & Drain Cleaning. Also, use high-quality gaskets that are appropriate for your plumbing system and are the correct size.

Leaks in the water? Call Us for a Plumber Who Is Experienced in Leak Detection.

Is your water bill rising without an increase in household consumption?

Water pipes in your home may be leaking. The average American household uses 88 gallons of water per person. A leaking water pipe, on the other hand, results in increased water consumption and, as a result, a higher water bill. If you have a pipe leak in your home, you should have it repaired as soon as possible. Leaks not only increase your water bill, but they also damage fixtures and fittings, promote mold growth, and increase the risk of allergies and mold poisoning…. These are the most common reasons for a leaking pipe and why you should contact a Plumber Naperville professional as soon as possible to have it repaired.

High-pressure water is supplied by your local water company to high-rise buildings and fire hydrants in your area. This pressure, however, may be too much for your home. That is why a pressure regulating valve exists to reduce the water pressure coming into your home from the mains. When the pressure in the pipes exceeds a certain limit, usually around 75 psi, it can cause cracks and leaks. A faulty pressure reducing valve is usually the cause of increased water pressure.

Phantom discharges are a wasteful problem with an easy solution. Examine your toilets for leaks, and if you find one, it’s worth the ten minutes it takes to fix it. You’ll save a lot of money on your water bill as well as on your environmental impact. Please contact us if your toilet is running erratically. Residential and emergency repairs, as well as a variety of plumbing services, are all available from us. Make an appointment with us today to have your toilet repaired or replaced.

Before we get into the phantom flush (spoiler alert: they are not phantoms), let’s go over the anatomy of the toilet. The bowl, which holds the water, is followed by the reservoir, which houses the mechanisms. When you flush the toilet, a chain attached to the handle pulls a lid that covers a hole in the cistern’s bottom. This allows water to enter a siphon tube beneath the bowl. When this siphon tube fills, it sucks the water out of the bowl until it empties, making the distinctive sucking sound. The tank filling valve begins pouring water back into the tank, where it flows into the bowl, as soon as the water has disappeared from the tank and bowl. The fill valve is connected by a lever with a rubber balloon on the end. The balloon floats in the water and fills the tank with enough water to close the fill valve and complete the flushing process.

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The following are the most common indications that your home has dangerously high water pressure:

Water leaks can range from minor drips to constantly running toilets.
When you turn on the faucet, water gushes out and banging noises emanate from the pipes.
Water heaters, for example, suffer from unexpected wear and tear.
A professional Plumber Naperville can resolve water pressure issues in your home, saving you money on plumbing repairs and appliance replacement.

Leaking faucets or other fixtures are not always a cause for concern. However, they can be costly, and standing water can cause property damage if left for too long. You’ve tried everything, but the dripping faucet won’t stop. A dripping faucet can not only increase your utility bills, but it can also cause damage to your home. Rust and mold can be caused by leaking faucets. So, to protect your home and your family’s health, have a professional Plumber Naperville diagnose and repair the problem as soon as possible.

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Do you have multiple blocked drains in your house?
Do you notice an unpleasant odor in your home whenever you use the toilet?

The sewer system that drains wastewater from your home is most likely malfunctioning. These issues must be addressed immediately, so it is best to contact a plumber.

Because most drains are hidden, most homeowners don’t clean them until a clog occurs in the sink or toilet. Unfortunately, drain clogs take more than a few minutes to clear when you use a plunger. They also cause drain pipe leaks.

Ways to Prevent Pinhole Leaks in Copper Pipes
Copper pipes can develop a pinhole leak or three over the years. If you are selling or buying a home in Naperville, it’s a good idea to have a Plumber Naperville do a full inspection before closing.

Clogged pipes and drains make it difficult for sewage to flow smoothly to the treatment plant. This can result in burst pipes, which can cause havoc in your home or yard. If you don’t want septic waste floating in your yard or sewage backing up in your toilet or sink, keep your drains clean on a regular basis to avoid clogs. Other precautions you should take are as follows:

-Pouring grease down the sink should be avoided.
-Sanitary products should not be flushed down the toilet (even if they are labeled “disposable”).
-To keep hair out of the pipes, place a wire mesh screen over the shower drain.
-To keep the drains moving, pour boiling water down them on a regular basis.
-Finally, avoid using drain cleaners that contain harsh chemicals. Chemicals can corrode metal pipes, increasing the likelihood of wear and tear and leaks.

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Water pipes, whether made of plastic, copper, or steel, can develop cracks. A broken pipe can spill up to 200 gallons of water in a single day, causing extensive property damage. Turn off the main water supply and call emergency plumbing services near you like a Plumber Naperville as soon as you discover a broken pipe. Turn off the power to your house if you can do so safely. If the burst pipe fills the basement with deep water, it is critical to stay out of the water because electrocution is a risk. If only a small amount of water has accumulated, turn off the power while you wait for emergency plumbing services.

Repairing a Clogged Sink
A clogged sink is not always the result of a plumbing emergency, requiring at Plumber Naperville. Rocket Plumbing technicians are very adept at accurate quotes over the phone. If you have an unknown we can’t answer, we can suggest your best next step for a fast resolution. A slow drain is inconvenient and should be addressed. If the clog is severe, however, it’s time to call a professional plumber. As previously stated, standing water promotes mold and mildew growth and poses other unnecessary health risks to you and your family.


For any homeowner, a plumbing emergency is an unavoidable crisis. You may leave your house clean and dry only to return to a flooded house, or you may wake up just as you are about to wash your dishes to a clogged sink. In both cases, dealing with the situation on one’s own can be difficult. Water and gas leaks, clogged drains, and broken toilets or faucets are all examples of common emergencies. When they occur, they are inconvenient and, if not corrected in a timely manner, can have disastrous consequences. You should be prepared to deal with these types of emergencies in order to avoid further damage and additional costs.

Small plumbing fixes, which we are aware of, can be a warning sign before a major disaster, which may be only minutes away. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you should have an emergency plumber on speed dial. Before he arrives, a competent Naperville plumber will ask you to access the leak and its location, as well as advise you on how to avoid further damage. If the our Naperville plumber at Rocket Plumbing & Drain Cleaning believes you can solve the problem on your own, he can point you in the right direction.

Repair of the Main Sewer

If sewage is leaking from the pipes, it means that there is a blockage somewhere. To protect your and your family’s health, call a professional plumber whenever you suspect a sewage leak. Some of the most common symptoms of a sewage clog include odors coming from drains and plumbing fixtures, slow sinks and bathtubs, gurgling toilets, and pooling water in fixtures.

Sometimes, our Plumber Naperville will have to get dirty. We always exhaust every other option before resorting to digging. That’s why we use Sewer Camera technology to pinpoint the problem, and provide visual confirmation the problem is solved after the sewer drain repairs.

A clog in the main sewer line can have serious consequences that necessitate the use of emergency plumber Naperville. A sewer blockage is indicated by multiple clogged drains, water backing up around basement drains, and gurgling noises from faucets. When a sewer line becomes clogged, sewage backs up and poses a health risk at the backwater location. Sewage can back up into your home and endanger your family if the clog is severe enough. You must immediately contact a plumber to resolve the issue.

Your plumbing system moves, shifts, and separates as a result of structural movement. For example, if foundations shift or walls move or crack, your plumbing system may suffer. Pipes shift as a result of movement, joints loosen, and friction causes premature pipe wear. Natural factors, such as earthquakes, can also cause structural movement. Keep an eye out for these events, which can lead to leaking pipes. If you suspect your property’s foundation has shifted as a result of an earthquake, hire a plumber to perform a professional Plumber Naperville inspection.

Experts in Water Heater Repair

The majority of homeowners contact us because their water is either too hot or too cold. However, there are other water heater issues that must be addressed right away. Strange noises or visible leaks should be addressed as soon as possible. A leaking water heater can be easily repaired, but leaks can also be an indication of a larger problem. Corrosion or damaged heating elements and valves can cause leaks. In rare cases, a leaking water heater can indicate that water pressure is building up in the tank, potentially leading to an explosion.

We do a lot of Water Heater repairs and installations out of our Rocket Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Naperville location. Call today and we can explain the ins and the outs from our best Plumber Naperville Rocket Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, and even help you with the current supply chain issues to find the right Water Heater for you.

Repair of Bathroom Plumbing
Nothing is more frustrating than discovering that the water won’t drain after a relaxing soak in the tub. Standing water is hazardous to your health and the health of your family. Shower and bathtub drains are frequently clogged with hair and other shower debris. Use a hair catcher to reduce the possibility of clogging. If clogging occurs on a regular basis and no home remedy appears to be effective, you should contact a professional Plumber Naperville as soon as possible.

Drain Cleaning Experts, Best Plumber Naperville

Only a few years ago, we noticed specific drain cleaning problems that many Plumbers in Naperville were kind of papering over. In other words, they weren’t solving the problem completely, but only putting into it a solution that only delays another patch.

Enter Hydro Jetting

Our owner looked into these specific problems and found the missing part of delivering a long term solution was the tools most Plumber Naperville used. The industry standard tools were doing only so much good. then we discovered some smart engineers saw the same thing… and solved the problem of the toughest clogged drain issues. Tree roots, sanitary napkins, handiwipes, natural corrosion… all of these specific material clogs were solved by using a Hydro Jet tool.

Sewer Repair Rebate Program By Naperville

Did you know that the City of Naperville offers a Sewer Backflow Device Reimbursement Program? Cities, Villages and Townships all over Illinois are making it easier to tackle a state wide problem. We here at Rocket Plumbing have shared the reporting about record rainfall the last decade stressing out already outmoded sewer systems in Illinois. If the sewer connections attached to your home need repair, many of the townships and villages will offer a rebate or reimbursement on certain common sewer repairs by any Plumber Naperville. As experts in this area, we can vouch that this very problem is creating backflow problems all over Dupage and Cook county. We saved you the time, and put together all the information, and have the City of Naperville contact info ready for you to get started. Click City of Naperville offers a Sewer Backflow Device Reimbursement Program or call us today.

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