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Need a plumber in DuPage County? We’re your go-to for clogs, backups, leaks, backwater, flooding, or any other issues that keep you from game day!

A plumbing emergency can be a warning sign before a major disaster occurs, which may be only minutes away. You should have an emergency plumber on speed dial that you can call if you find yourself in a similar situation. Make sure you get a plumber that works around the clock, as these mishaps do not have a time frame as to when they occur. A competent plumber will ask you to access the leak and where it is and advise you on how to reduce further damage before it reaches you.

Most plumbing disasters cause water to overflow in unintended places. Water, if left unattended, can damage floors, appliances, walls and even furniture. If it comes in contact with electricity, it can cause a short circuit that further damages appliances or causes a fire. You can turn off the water or gas at the nearest point or disconnect the entire system from the supply line if the above option is not available. You may have to unplug the appliance, break the circuit or use a valve, and you must do this correctly to avoid further damage. Use the instruction menu or the arrows provided to make sure you do this correctly.

If you are affected by a plumbing problem, you should look for an alternative to reduce the damage it may cause before repair. You can drain the water with glasses or towels or divert it outside. Critical to resolving this problem is turning off the electricity to reduce the stress on water heaters and prevent further damage. If the affected water is coming from a storage system, you can also open faucets and drain spigots elsewhere to increase the flow. Avoid using gas and open flames if there is a gas leak, as this can lead to fires.

No one anticipates a plumbing issue. And even if you are handy, some problems are too big to handle alone. That’s why it’s reassuring to know that a trusting plumber for both residential and commercial is only a quick call away in Lombard, Downer’s Grove, Glen Ellyn, Addison, Elmhurst, Willowbrook, Wheaton, Oak Brook, Lombard, Darien and more. We are known for our technologically advanced equipment and trained professionals to offer the best solution for your home.

Experienced plumbers near you in DuPage County

We are in DuPage County. Pictured here: The Rocket Plumbing service truck at a plumbing repair in Glen Ellyn.

The service industry is a referral business. We’re thankful that emergencies don’t happen all that often but when they do, many people turn to family or friends that have had similar problems, to offer a referral.

Rocket Plumbing is a local Chicago plumbing company that understands the frustration and hassle when an emergency plumbing repair arises. Only a phone call away, our team’s on standby ready to listen to your unique situation and schedule an appointment for one of our highly trained, certified plumbers to come to your assistance immediately. No messing around with cowboy contractors or sub-standard work.

Quality workmanship and superior service are assured. That’s the Rocket Plumbing Promise.

Rocket Plumbing IS plumbing science

You can have the best Plumbers that DuPage County and North Cook County has to offer to fix your plumbing problem in record time and for reasonable prices. We’ll take care of all your plumbing needs, whether you have a plumbing emergency or you need a quote for an upcoming plumbing project, Rocket Plumbing is on the way in 3… 2… 1…

It’s Rainy Season In Chicago. Prevent Next Sewage Backups And Ground Water Flooding You Saw Last Year With This Elegant Solution.

Clean Check backwater valve

The Clean Check Backwater Sewer Valve protects your home or business from disaster due to:

  • Sewage backups
  • Plugged pipe
  • Groundwater flooding

In the event of backpressure, a flapper quickly closes and stops the reverse backwater flow and sewage from entering the home or building. Clean Check can be installed outside by Rocket Plumbing, below the ground, between the building and a standard clean-out. Check it out in more detail by going here:

Call Rocket Plumbing 630-228-1440 today.

Plumbing Services We Offer
Water Heater Services
Drain Cleaning Maintenance & Repair
Flood Control
Code Violation Repairs
Leak Detection
Well & Sump Pump Repairs
Water Treatment
Commercial Plumbing

And That’s Not All! Call Rocket Plumbing 630-228-1440 today.


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